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Vocational Training

The program was planned as a two-day vocational training. Courses taught included:

  • Cup cake baking
  • Throw pillow making and
  • Chin-chin making

The venue for Day 1 was Community Secondary School Ogan-ama. This was to ensure maximum participation from members of the Ogan-ama, Abam-ama and Ogoloma communities, as the problem of transportation to Port Harcourt was eliminated.  Click image below to view enlarged.

The venue for Day 2 was the MGE Solutions office, #62 Mbonu Street, Port Harcourt. This was to ensure maximum participation from the MLG communities closer to Port Harcourt – Firisika Polo and Dic-Fiberesima-ama. Click image below to view enlarged.

Program Achievements

  • There were a total of 57 recorded participants: 53 for Day 1 and 4 for Day 2
  • The participants were enthusiastic in learning the skills taught.
  • Participants were able to practice the skills taught immediately afterwards
  • The program for Day 1, was completed within the time allotted.

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