Who We are

About the M&G Etomi Foundation

Our History

The twin brothers were born in Ilesha, Osun State and spent their early years in Okrika, Rivers State, in the Niger Delta region of southern Nigeria. Michael left Nigeria to train and practice medicine in the United States. At the same time, George attended post-graduate law studies in the United Kingdom and returned to Nigeria, where he practised law.

The brothers returned to the Niger Delta in the year 2000 following the death of their mother.

The abject poverty struck them as environmental neglect and hopelessness among the community’s youth that had not existed in their childhood. The experience inspired Michael and George to be catalysts in breaking the cycle of despair, poverty and crime in their homeland.

M & G Etomi Foundation was born with the hope that the youth and community would get a second chance in this region of the world that has already seen so much turmoil.

MGE Solutions was later incorporated as a company limited by guarantee to act as the Nigerian arm of the Foundation to bring the work closer home.

The idea of the Foundation was conceived by the twin brothers Michael & George Etomi

Who We Are

The Cycle of Poverty

The Communities in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria suffer from severe poverty. Despite being situated within a large oil reserve, a number of the communities have been decimated by unemployment, pollution, crime and virtually no access to adequate healthcare.

  • Decades of oil exploration have polluted the waters and destroyed the fishing industry, leaving the majority unemployed and untrained.
  • Unemployment has created a population boom, overpopulating communities without adequate resources for family planning or financial improvement.
  • Violent crime, theft and drug use among youth exist as a way to cope with the community’s declining situation.
  • Insufficient healthcare has created a community with little knowledge of preventive care, chronic or infectious disease management, pre or postnatal care, HIV/AIDS prevention or family planning.

Our Approach


— Our Mission

To provide opportunities and resources to empower the Niger Delta community in breaking the cycle of poverty.


— Our Vision

To be the leading organization for facilitating change and developing and sustaining programs in the Niger Delta community.


As a leading organization for facilitating development, M&G Etomi Foundation/MGE Solution in 2010 became partners with the Wakirke Development Coalition, a Non-Governmental Organization whose vision is aimed at lifting the Okrika man and woman out of poverty on the road to prosperity one family at a time.

In March 2015, M&G Etomi Foundation, in partnership with Wakirike Development Coalition, sponsored training for youths in various skills. Seventeen youths from the nine towns in Okrika benefited from this scheme; they have been trained in Fashion & Design, Safety & Electrical Installation and Catering & Hotel Management.

Who We Are
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