Breaking the cycle of poverty

The Foundation was created to break the harsh cycle of poverty by organizing various programs and activities to teach the value of self-empowerment and improvement.

Welcome to the M&G Etomi Foundation

The idea of the Foundation was conceived by Michael and George Etomi. They were born in Ilesha, Osun state and spent their early years in Okrika, Rivers State in the Niger Delta region of southern Nigeria.

They who were struck by the abject poverty, environmental neglect and hopelessness among the community’s youth that had not existed in their childhood. The experience inspired Michael and George to be catalysts in breaking the cycle of despair, poverty and crime in their homeland.

About Us

M & G Etomi Foundation was born with the hope that the youth and community at large would get a second chance in this region of the world that has already seen so much turmoil.

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As a leading organization for facilitating development M&G Etomi Foundation/MGE Solutions in 2010 became Partners with the Wakirike Development Coalition.

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We assist the disadvantaged people of the Niger Delta by ensuring essential basic humanitarian services like healthcare, education and vocational training are available.

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The idea of the Foundation was conceived by the twin brothers Michael & George Etomi

Foundation Activities

Mentoring Program


Thanks for the opportunity, I got to know that we need people to achieve certain goals in life, someone’s experience, intellect, view, opinion, advice, and idea can make one’s dream come alive and true in a flash.

Awonemika Gold Samuel

Thanks, am grateful to M&G ETOMI FOUNDATION for that wonderful seminar, I was impressed and I learnt a lot that day, I was like wow!!! This kind of seminar holds? May GOD give you more inspiration in JESUS name

Jennifer Achese

Thank you for choosing me as a mentee, my experience from Saturday was outstanding, based on the fact that I was taught on how to love my fellow woman, they also help me in building myself confidence and I’m grateful.

Tamunoibime Anne Anemikaye

It was indeed a good time running a wonderful training, you have impacted so much knowledge which I never thought of, I am speechless, and my heart is full of joy and happiness. Once more I say thank you.

Gift Oriyino