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2nd Mentoring Panel Session

M&G Etomi Foundation in Partnership with Wakirike Development Coalition held the second edition of her panel discussion with the theme ‘Self-Awareness’ on Saturday, May 19th 2018.

It was such an engaging session. Mrs. Omuku started off the session, linking our self-awareness to our identity in Christ and our relationship with the Trinity. Mr. George Etomi topped it off by talking to the participants about the virtues of self-discipline.

The panelists were:

  • Ibifama Walaku-Saya
  • Helen Okwu
  • Nefe Etomi
  • Ane Etomi
  • Pamay Bassey
  • Ibi Etomi
  • Efe Etomi-Aghedo

They were able to add to this by talking about what self-awareness means to them as well as giving practical examples of how they came to their own understanding and the benefits they have experienced from it.

The sessions were very interactive and at the end, the participants shared there experience of the event. Everyone seemed to resonate with something that was mentioned by each of the speakers.

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